Welcome to my new VO website!

With it comes my first blog posting. I figured I should probably jump on the blog bandwagon. Some of them are very popular. I’m not sure that I’ll write anything here that will change the world, but maybe just give you a little insight into mine.

In voiceover, we work because people hire a professional. Years ago, when I was in radio, I was often perplexed as to why the local store owner wanted to voice his/her own commercials. Of course he was paying for the radio time, so if he wanted to have his own voice on the air that was his prerogative. BUT, a lot of creative and effective commercials went by the wayside when the person decided to do it himself. I thought to myself, would I go to the mechanic who was working on my car and say “No, that’s not the right diagnosis. I think my turn signal fluid is low. Why don’t you fix that?” Of course not.

So, over the years, I have learned it’s best to let a professional do it. I hire a CPA to do my taxes, as they are relatively complex. We hire a “bug guy” to keep the critters at bay around our home in the desert and I finally decided to employ that strategy with my website. I had one that I did, but it looked like it. Now, I have a shiny new site, made by a real pro and I could not be happier. Thank you Kathy!

I’ll try to put something up here every week or so, things that I find amusing, whether they be VO related or not.

Now, I gotta go. Auto Zone is having a sale on turn signal fluid.