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Leaving the socials behind

Sometime in March, I decided that I had had enough of social media. I was talking to my friend Angie and she mentioned how the various websites had become “another job” to her. I realized I felt the same way. What would be the harm in deleting the apps from my phone? So, Facebook, Twitter […]

What to look for in a Voice Acting coach

Michael Jordan had a coach. Babe Ruth had a coach. Joe Cipriano has a coach. Why shouldn’t you or I? Finding a good match isn’t always easy. But here are five tips: If a coach promises you they can get you work, RUN, don’t walk…RUN AWAY! They’re not honest. Especially if you’re a beginner, they […]

Welcome to my new VO website!

With it comes my first blog posting. I figured I should probably jump on the blog bandwagon. Some of them are very popular. I’m not sure that I’ll write anything here that will change the world, but maybe just give you a little insight into mine. In voiceover, we work because people hire a professional. […]